About CJSC Micro-Plus

The company "Micro-plus" - large Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs - was officially registered in 1992, but the company's history had began much earlier. In the 80s of last century an informal creative group of scientists from the Gamalea’s Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitis and from the Institute of Organic Chemistry was found. This close-knit creative team of expertslater became the basis for the future company.

The first practical result of the work was Fosprenil - derivative polyprenols of fir needles, soluble injectable form for veterinary medicine. The drug was registered in 1994 and included in the books for treatment of small animals and birds.

In 1995the company opened a veterinary diagnostic and treatment center "Micro-plus", currently known as the Veterinary Clinic "Oryx". Regular communication with medical practitioners bring scientists a lot of information to more clearly understanding the realities of modern veterinary medicine, introduce new methods of treatment and get a lively response to the using of their products.

In 2000 another developmentwas registered - Gamavit with unique composition, immunomodulatory, metabolise and detox activity.

In 2001 the antiviral drug Maksidini was developed and registered .


Since 1994 “Micro Plus” have actively participated in major Russian exhibitions and repeatedly honored with gold and silver awards for the introduction of its products in veterinary practice.

In 2006 “Micro-Plus” started to export its products. The first exporting countries were Ukraine and Belarus. Later CJSC "Micro-plus" has established trade ties with Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Georgia. Contract with a number of EU countries was made, and currently actively work to obtain the necessary permits is leading.


CJSC "Micro-plus" entered the Top-40 in international rating program "Leader of National Business Rating" -2015.